Subject of interest

Exhibition Stockholm 2012

Small “retrospective” exhibition Subjects of Interest at Designgalleriet in Stockholm, was prepared in collaboration with The Czech Center. 

A designer collective, a creative agency, publishers, exhibitors and graphic designers in one, the Prague group OKOLO present their past and present projects at the Stockholm gallery Designgalleriet. Given the number of the projects to their credit, it is not daring to call the exhibition a retrospective.

The exhibition, organized in 6 thematic units (publishing work, product design, fashion, cycling, exhibition projects, individual work), reflects activities of individual members of the group OKOLO: in certain parts of the installation, these comment on design and lifestyle around us. Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss, Adam Štěch and Jakub Štěch present chapters from three years of working together. Within this period, the collective has created dozens of exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, published a number of printed books, cooperated with world-known designers and curators on unique projects revealing the true essence of designer creation, always presenting it with a specific curator approach. Among OKOLO’s outstanding presentations beyond the borders of the Czech Republic are the exhibition Light Sculptures designed for Lodz Design Festival 2011 in Poland, a curated pop-up store for the exhibition Multiplicity at the London Design Festival 2011, and the presentation of the book OKOLO Mollino at the cult concept store 10 Corso Como in Milan.

Stockholm, December 2012