People by Maria Cristina Didero


In 2018, we invited Milan-based independent curator Maria Cristina Didero to Prague to present a selection of extracts from her interviews, curatorial texts and articles visualized by us, the creative collective OKOLO. Together with our creative collective, the project “Designers by Maria Cristina Didero” presented custom-made typographic objects/posters showing the texts with the visual characteristics of each designer’s work.

Including Atelier Biagetti, Lapo Binazzi, Fernando & Humberto Campana, Maurizio Cattelan, Francesco Faccin, Ron Gilad, Gala Fernandez Montero, Philippe Malouin, mischer‘traxler, Adolfo Natalini, Nendo, Erez Nevi Pana, Stefan Sagmeister, Snarkitecture, Zaven and more, the exhibition conceptualizes writings on design in a spatial installation of 3D posters. They tell stories of words and images. 

The project is emblematic for us and our approach to uncover different perspectives on design and its practitioners. Maria Cristina was so nice that she understood the project as her own and collaborated with us very smoothly. Together, we envisioned another way how to tell stories of people and design, both on a content and visual level. In the same time, the exhibition represents very personal perspective on friendship and passionate collaboration with the great people in the industry. As Maria can tell friends to all of her subjects of her research, texts and interviews, we made new great friendship with her. Design is also about ideas exchange and common passions to be shared.     

When Marco Sammicheli came with the idea to exhibit the project in Milan during Mostro, we were more than happy. Together, we have enlarged the exhibition, Maria added another important figures in design industry, including curators and gallerists too. We renamed it to „People of Maria Cristina Didero“ and created another layer of the project with the book, surveying all the posters where Maria Cristina’s texts and OKOLO’s visual merge into textual and visual manifestation of designers creativity.

Mostro Graphic Design Festival 

Milan, September 2019