OKOLO in Heaven

Object Self-initiated Prague 2017

OKOLO introduces its very own fantastic vision of Heaven, featuring some of the greatest designers and architects of the 20th century, together enjoying deserved rest.

The imaginary scene of the landscape, milled into the relief, gives us the opportunity to forget about the real life and serious work and allows us to dream and invent stories that would never happen in the real world. Heaven is the place where thoughts intensify and create a utopia, in this case based on real life and imagery of the creative scene of the last century. Modernism in the 20th century was based primarily on new visions and dreams of perfect society. Did some artists succeed? Or do they need an additional posthumous life which their greatest thoughts can still be realized in? Now, we have a unique opportunity to look at how they live and how their passions, obsessions, and other creative ideas are realized there on the other side. With excitement and jubilation, OKOLO creative collective presents its first purely fictitious project where fantastic stories are based on knowledge and real facts about the history of design and architecture the group always works with. OKOLO reserves the right to freedom of imagination, while apologizing to all outstanding artists who could not include.

Prague, October 2017