Nature of Norwegian design

Exhibition Prague 2013

Exhibition project called Nature of Norwegian Design has presented work of seven contemporary Norwegian designers and design studios directly inspired by nature and the landscape.

Nature and its symbolism has played crucial role in the Nordic art, design and architecture since time immemorial. Landscape, from which one gets his stamina, a sense of peace and psychological and philosophical alignment is important for Scandinavian designers even today. And that’s especially for the current generation of young Norwegian designers as well.

The selection includes several small interior products and accessories based on the abstraction of Norwegian nature. The authors have materialized it in the naturist modest objects which bring symbols of nature, its processes and living organisms that inhabit it into our homes.

The real installation of the exhibition with the real artifacts was then connected with the audiovisual projection of the special version of our very own blog, which presented not only articles on selected products, but also visually wider context of the history of contemporary and historical Norwegian design, architecture and overall cultural life associated with nature. The objects of designers as Anderssen&Voll, Lars Beller Fjetland, Andreas Engesvik, Kristine Bjaadal, Permafrost, Kristine Five Melvaer a Petter Skogstad were included.

Prague, December 2013