Maarten de Ceulaer: Laboratory

Exhibition Self-initiated Prague 2015

Brussels-based designer Maarten de Ceulaer presents his creative process and inspiration in laboratory setting.

Models, sketches, drawings, objects of desire and inspiration, memories, catalogues and more symbolize the ingredients of de Ceulaer’s creative thinking which is often based on the real natural and chemical phenomenas. Shown at the installation resembling real chemical laboratory, all the de Ceulaer’s objects are presented within the context of laboratory glass made by Czech company Kavalier.

The installation symbolically framed the exhibits as a rare elements of creativity. De Ceulaer showed creative background of six of his projects: Nomad Light Molecule, Transformations for Fendi, Mutation, Suitcase for Nilufar, Woof and Warp for Moroso, Grid.

OKOLO Studio, Prague, May 2015
Produced by Scholastika, Maarten De Ceulaer,