OKOLO in Lausanne Magazine

Magazine Self-initiated Lausanne 2014

OKOLO team went to Lausanne in Switzerland where has mapped local design scene, talked to leading creators, discovered the hidden treasures of craftsmanship and reflected on the historical and artistic heritage of this area.

The result is so far the most comprehensive publication of OKOLO to date describing not only the environment of the prestigious ECAL university, but also the unique design thinking of its former students and other designers working in the area around Lake Geneva. In addition to the contemporary scene, we have not forgotten the modernist masters such as Alberto Sartoris, Le Corbusier, Jean Tschumi or forgotten organic architecture visionarist Daniel Grataloup. In addition to the interviews and articles, there is also a report from the oldest watch manufacture in the world Vacheron Constantin, several curated editorials and much more.

Magazine contributors include editor-in-chief of Pin-Up magazine Felix Burrichter, Neatherlands-based curator Matylda Krzykowski, Wallpaper architecture editor Ellie Stathaki, Czech photographer Tomáš Souček, Lausanne-based designer Adrien Rovero, Swiss writer Rebekka Kiesewetter and others.

Lausanne, April 2014
Supported by ECAL