Good Design is Honest

Exhibition Object Milan 2016

Presentation of Master & Master furniture collection with the insights into the philosophy of the brand.

Master&Master, founded by Ondřej Zita and Luděk Šteigl few years ago, excels in a production of simple and efficient contemporary furniture of minimalist forms and natural production techniques. They create furniture as a product of everyday life. They pay homage to the legacy of the everyday product design, which is simple and easy to produce and use. Creative collective of OKOLO brings unexpected view on Master & Master products with the curated series of objects inspired by some of the great designers, artists and architects of the past and present with whom production of Master&Master shares similar creative vision in design, production and business model.

OKOLO creates a series of symbolic and elementary objects, made of paper, integrated into the particular dimensions and places of Master&Master furniture to manifest the general ideas which Master & Master and OKOLO admire. The objects, inspired by work of Dieter Rams, Naoto Fukasawa, Joseph Eichler, Massimo Vigneli and Achille Castiglioni, work as a narrative layer to explain inspiration and philosophy of Master & Master production.

Salone del Mobile
Milan, April 2016