Manifesto at Ziba

Exhibition Prague 2015

Presentation of the Studio of Glass at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM), led by the head of the studio, Rony Plesl and assistant professor Klára Horáčková.

The studio commissioned OKOLO to curate and create a display of its recent creative results and presenting a selection of the work of its students and graduates as a sample of what glass in its varied forms, functions and meanings can be today.

The exhibition demonstrates an open artistic approach based on creative thinking which the Studio of Glass has formulated in cooperation with the OKOLO creative group in a publication of the same name. The objects are presented on colorful pedestals and next to a few ideas and general mottos on glass conceived by Rony Plesl, requesting interdisciplinary collaboration and wide-ranging artistic knowledge. The exhibition concept opens new horizons and jointly presents the liberal environment of the studio, which seeks various creative and theoretical ways of understanding glass, its essence, manufacturing and design.

Ziba Museum of Glass, Prague, March 2015