Exhibition Commision London 2016

The Breathless exhibition, organised by Czech Centres London, was the product of DECHEM Studio’s unrelenting passion for glass and OKOLO’s interest in the unconventional presentation of art and design. The two groups’ different professional approaches to design, its theory and practice are combined in a jointly curated installation presenting the very nature of glass production from its creation through to its many different uses which we find all around us. Breathless was comprised of two key parts to symbolise to visitors the two separate stages of glass production: its creation and its application

In the exhibition, glass was shown at all stages of its creation and its many different uses. The formation of glass is represented by the installation of a mobile glass furnace which gives visitors the opportunity to peek behind-the-scenes of sophisticated craftsmanship. During workshops run for visitors, professional glassblowers in collaboration with reputable designers created works that demonstrated basic glassmaking techniques and reveal some of the secrets behind the creation of glass. The various raw materials and traditional instruments used in glass production will also play a role in these improvised workshops. 

With more than 30 varied artefacts and forms of glass, our improvised museum gave visitors the chance to view a sample of current and historic uses of the material, from classic glass decorations through designer and artistic pieces to practical uses of the material such as fiberglass, sheet glass and many others.

Brompton Design District
London, September 2016