28th International Graphic Design Biennale Brno

Book Catalogue Exhibition Commision Brno 2018

OKOLO was selected in the curatorial competition to submit its conception for 28th International Graphic Design Biennale Brno. It was conceived as a open platform for the presentation of all varieties of modern and contemporary graphic design,opening the exhibition to all different approaches and styles. According to OKOLO, biennale became an open platform without boundaries and strict concept. All the accompanying shows were carefully choosen by curators to describe as wide perspective on graphic design as possible. Each of the exhibitions presentes particular topic or view from the geographical perspective and product design perspective to single typology, retrospective or personal approch. 

OKOLO curated main competition exhibition, other three accompanying shows and supervised all other shows and installations. The international conference, catalogue and visual style of the exhibition was also prepared by OKOLO. 

Moravian Gallery
Brno, May-August 2018